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Personal Mentorship Enrollments 2024

A Journey Through the Nine Realms: 

A 9-Month Online Personal Mentorship with 
Andreas Kornevall into Norse Myth, Storytelling and Sacred Sites



I am offering limited places for people interested to embark with me on a transformative and immersive 9 month “one-to-one” mentorship programme.  You can enroll any time of year.  

This will be an in-depth exploration of Norse mythology and esoteric knowledge.  I will bring knowledge and passion to guide you through an exploration of Norse mythology, storytelling, esoteric rune wisdom, ceremonial practices and virtual visits to sacred sites in Scandinavia.

We will delve into the rich tapestry of Norse culture and unravel ancient myths together from sources as the Poetic, Prose Eddas and Sagas; this will include the art of Skaldic storytelling, poetic metres, and runic lore.


Mentorship Structure

Months 1-3: The Hidden Grove - Foundations of Norse Mythology 

Introduction to Norse cosmology: The Nine Realms, Yggdrasil, and the Pantheon.

In-depth exploration of major deities: Odin, Thor, Freyja, Loki and others.


Meet the mythical sagas and legendary heroes: understanding the cultural context, developing interactive storytelling techniques and workshops to develop narrative skills.
Months 4-6: The Sacred Forest - Esoteric Runic Knowledge

Unveiling the runic alphabet: history, symbolism, and practical applications.
Asking the question - what is an oracular practice?

Crafting bind runes for specific purposes.  Active Norse Seidr practices.
Integration of runes into meditation and ritual practices.

Gaining practical skills in rune casting,  interpretation and application, 
plus exploring the idea of what being a “seer” means.

Month 7-9: Raven’s Speech - Ceremony and Sacred Spaces

Ceremony and ritual inspired by Norse traditions.

Exploring the concept of personal transformation through mythology.

Virtual journeys to sacred sites in Scandinavia: Þingvellir, Uppsala, Rösaring, Ales Stenar and more.   

This will be accompanied by commentary, guiding and insights and at times recordings can be live from those sites when I am in Sweden or Norway.

Integration and application of the learned knowledge in daily life. 
Working with the ceremony of the Utiseta.



Mentorship Features

Interactive Classes: One online live session per  month for one hour.

Rich Content: A curated library of book references and PDF’ files of writings and materials will be given after each session.

Certification: A letter of recommendation and full reference about your time and study will be given at the end of the period to mark your 9 month journey.

This will be a profound exploration into Norse mythology, storytelling, esoteric rune knowledge and sacred spaces; you will emerge with a deep understanding of the cultural, spiritual, and mystical aspects of the Norse traditions: this mentorship is aimed for those who want to apply this knowledge to their personal life and practice. 

In addition as the mentorship is one to one and personal, I can also offer a bespoke mentorship, taking into account any special interest/personal objective.

Please include this in your application below if this is the case.

If you are interested in a mentorship place, please send a motivation letter expressing your interest to my e-mail address: - once this has been received and considered, the next step will be to schedule an interview.

The cost is £79 per month.

This mentorship programme only has limited places available.

Or please leave me a message here and I will get back to you

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Thanks for submitting!

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