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An Ancestral Offering - 25th October - 7 - 9pm, College of Psychic Studies, London.

The Álfablót at the end of October is a traditional offering ceremony for the elves, ancestors and the unborn. It dates back to pre-Christian Scandinavia. We will revive the tradition with much mirth and merriment in this evening's event at the College.

Join us in person at the College for a traditional blot-ritual ceremony dedicated to the old Gods: Frey (King of the Elves), Freya, Odin and the Elves. Andreas Kornevall is an evocative

storyteller and musician, and he will be bringing all his magical talents to this heart-warming event.

Bring along some pictures of your ancestors or other materials that remind you of your ancestral path. These will be placed on the 'harg' shrine, which will be constructed as our central focus. Offerings such as flowers, seeds, fruits, juices, mead and wine are all welcome! All will be blessed and can be enjoyed afterwards.

The mead offering will be blessed and transformed into a medicine. This can be used in clearing space and ceremonial work, similar to Florida water used in South America. We will take any leftover offerings back to our own homes to be disposed of ritually.

Book now to join us in heart-centred community as we prepare for the darker times heralded by the seasonal change. Drums, rattles and your chanting/singing voice are all welcome for this special and magical event!

Previous participants say:

"This was an exceptional evening offering real knowledge to be disseminated."

"Unfamiliar with these myths so very interesting and informative. So relaxing with the music, excellent."

"This was absolutely amazing, Andreas was a spellbinding myth teller, storyteller and musician, I was absolutely transported. Loved it."

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