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New mini-series coming up soon - DRAGON TRAILS


Dragons on ancient maps would warn us of dangerous routes, which sea currents to avoid, or which were the perilous mountain passes. When we shift our gaze inside our psychological reality, within our inner-maps, there we find that the dragon is placed where many of our shadowy parts have their lairs and defeating this particular complex dragon has built entire religious systems, from ego slaying to demon chasing. This shadowy part of us is often repressed, especially within righteous and moral religious systems all over the world, which results in conflict with the bodily animal and the physical reality that surrounds it. We don’t need to look very far to see the effects of repressed sexuality and the utmost dire and criminal consequences this has on innocent victims. By repressing our shadow parts, the animal desires in us are not integrated and then uncontrollable and primal acts flare out, often in catastrophic forms, with effects of war and violence. There can be no bloodier war than between two righteous camps; I don’t have to spell this out, as any news bulletin will tell you over and over again.

This is why I have discovered that a deeper study of the dragon is important, the spiritual and psychological. I will be walking "Dragon Trails" spring and summer with camera, walking stick, boots and tarp across the British Isles and then further North into Scandinavia and hopefully Norway, Finland - there is also talk of Latvia and Lithuania. I will follow portals and sites in the landscape such as henges and stone circles, lonely rivers, sacred groves, remote hills and springs. And asking questions about the strong and vital force that dragons have within our human psyche, especially where our fears reside. You can follow me here on or my other socials, my YouTube channel will also be revived again, Mythandstories.

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