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Time and Tides - November

Updated: Feb 22

This is a monthly column I write for Perspectives Magazine

Sky Events: The Northern Taurids is a meteor shower that will be seen the night of the 11th and morning of the 12th November. The conditions are perfect for needed dark skies as the crescent moon will be faint. Let’s just hope the weather conditions are as good. If you have a sky map on your phone, look towards the constellation of Taurus, where the meteors will appear from.


1st to 9th November - Neap

10th to 16th November- Spring

16th to 24rd November - Neap

24th to 31th November - Spring

Positive Ecological Restoration News:

Two new Javan Rhinos have made it into the World

Conservationists have recently discovered through camera traps, two newborn Javan rhino calves, who have been named Helen and Luther. Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia is the only place on Earth where this critically endangered rhino species can be found, providing a bit of hope for the future as the population now has increased to 74 rhinos. 

Did you know that up to 48 species would likely have become extinct without conservation efforts? 

Many wildlife species around the world are facing an extinction threat, highlighting the urgency of conservation efforts. In a recent study, researchers found that conservation and restoration efforts have prevented up to 32 bird species and 16 mammal species from going extinct. Meaning that up to 48 species have been saved since 1993 thanks to the conservation efforts around the world.

Southern Damselflies found in new locations for the first time in Wales

After enhanced restoration work across 100 sites in Pembrokeshire, the endangered Southern Damselfly has now been recorded at seven new sites. Showing that improving habitats through restoration work can have a great impact on wildlife even as small as damselflies and within short time spans. 

Nature Notes: November 2020

The cold and frost is here.  The best thing about frost needs to be seen: pick up a magnifying glass and take a close look!  Frost is nature’s own great work of art.  November is the time of fires and gunpowder, remembering the botched attempt of Guy Fawkes to blow up all of Westminster palace.   It took only two days after the failed bombing attempt to declare the day a perpetual national celebration of heat, light and sound.  

With the new cold air rising, if we pay attention, we get to witness a different colour palette to the sky.  When the conditions are right, the rare purple colour can reveal itself at the dusk hour.  In the West of England dusk was often referred to as the hour between dog and wolf.  The strong winds predicted this month help the trees to drop the last of their leaves in order to replenish the forest soil.  As the ground sleeps under leaves, scurrying feet can be about. If you ever wondered what creatures live around you, make a footprint trap: pour sand into the area of your garden, make it even, spread some raw vegetable pieces (not cooked!) around and the next day look for footprints, especially look for the prints of the hedgehog!

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