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Visiting Watkins Bookshop, London

I will be around Cecil Court London presenting my book "Waking the Dragons" at Watkins Book Shop on Friday, the 24th of February. This street is adorned with Victorian shop fronts selling old oil lamps. It's an area of London where you are transported back in time - the inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. There is a lot of talk about wisdom, but what about the practices of real co-existence and reconciliation with others? There will be a discussion around all this and an exploration of how ritual can be a driver for positive change in our individual lives and society as a whole. I will bring the idea of the "universal winged serpent" which we meet across the world, the dragon that stands as a symbol that brings together two opposing forces and two opposing animals: the serpent and the eagle.

Praise for Waking The Dragons:

"A wonderful book that leads us to the deep wellsprings of ancestral knowledge. Andreas writes with a wealth of understanding of Norse myth and its contemporary significance in tackling the biggest issues of today: reconciliation with each other and climate change."

Philip Carr-Gomm, author of The Prophecies and DruidCraft: The Magic of Wicca & Druidry

"Andreas Kornevall wields a rare ink. It is a combination of academic rigour and poesis. This work will go down as both a reference point and inspiration to all fortunate to read it in the years to come." Rev. Peter Owen Jones, Author of Everest England

"Andreas Kornevall has immersed himself in the Uthark runes for many years; in this new book he takes each rune in turn and uses it as a point of departure for metaphysical reflections. His explorations are a testament to the power of these runes to spark deeper philosophical considerations" Dr. Christina Oakley-Harrington, Founder, Treadwells Bookshop

"We live in an age without myth, in a culture which has lost its connection to spirit and to Earth. We are in desperate need of saints, shamans and storytellers. Andreas Kornevall here offers us a series of pathways back to our ancestral memory: to a reconciliation between Earth and Sky. It is an illuminating and vital book." Paul Kingsnorth, Award Winning Author of the Wake Trilogy

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