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Waking the Dragons

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This full day online will be an immersion into a rich living tradition of Northern Europe. The lesser known branches of the great World Tree (Yggdrasil) will be explored as we hear about reconciliation as a road to wisdom and the mythical underpinnings of climate change and its central relationship to grief. These subjects will make the day truly contemporary with a mythical cosmology as guidance.

The Northern Pantheon will be studied and stories told, but alongside this we will also hear about the local spirits that may be found living in the rivers, forests, meadows and hilltops in parts of the British Isles and north of the Rhone and beyond.

The outline of the day:

The Norse Creation Myth and the story that lies at the heart of Norse Mythology: the Birth of Wisdom

Ritual: Exploring how reconciliation rituals can heal parts of ourselves and our greater community

Fylgja Dreaming: Understanding the animal totems from the Well of Memory, their gifts and purpose in our lives

Discovering the Lost Gods of Wonder: Examining mythologies and folk-magic practices of Northern Europe

Time as a Water Cycle: Orlog and Wyrd

Runes: Exploring the rich tradition of the runes with castings, spreads, rune-readings, bind-runes, and working with sigils, insignias and personal emblems

This sometimes "blustery" Northern tradition is a magical tradition at heart, containing practical "heritage" arts of creating runes, sigils and forming (elaborate and simple) rituals to the Gods and ancestors.

The symbol that will guide our day will be the dragon. In ancient Northern Europe the dragon was a symbol for merging the underworld and upper-world. As the serpent descends into dark, difficult places to look for soul, the golden eagle ascends towards illumination to reveal spirit. When the serpent and golden eagle alchemically merge, the wisdom of the dragon is born.

We will work and rediscover what it means to "descend," (soul), and to "ascend," (spirit), and get clear on the difference between these polarities.

The thousands of years old runic oracle will be alongside each step of this journey as an initiatory path for inner work and outer transformation.

All are welcome to join regardless of experience, sexuality, and cultural/spiritual background: the spirit is warm and always enthusiastically inclusive.

Previous participants say:

"Such an enjoyable, rich, and meaningful class. I had expected to find it fascinating but I did not realise how deeply it would touch me!"

"Thank you so much! I can't express what an excellent tutor and how knowledgeable Andreas was. The event exceeded my expectations."

"Andreas is a fabulous teacher with a rich reservoir of knowledge to draw upon. He's a fabulous addition to the College!"

"Andreas is a wonderful teacher who brings groundedness together with an 'appreciation of the mystery' to this beautiful and powerful work. He held a safe and sacred space within which we could work and play."

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