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Winter course: 18th December, College of Psychic Studies

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I am having a winter gathering (a half a day course) on the 18th of December at the College of Psychic Studies, Kensington, central London

We will explore rune poems, rune rows, sigils, seals, Icelandic staves (and some Hermetic magical history.) You will come away with practical knowledge of how to draw, design and work with runes, sigils and seals. We will also adventure into the dark depths of remote caves and study the first signs and ideograms of Ice Age cave art (informed by the work of Paleoanthropologist, Dr. Genevieve Von Petzinger.)

The geographical perception of signs and symbols will be discussed, asking the question - what happens when you step inside the symbol rather than look at it from the outside?

Expect a flood of combinations of thought: from traditional, folkloric, magical, practical, theory and all in between.

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