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Workshop: An Immersion into the Runic Oracle - Saturday 2nd of October.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Join me for a deep journey into the runic oracle. Where we will explore myth, magic and nature, guided by the runes. This workshop will be an immersion into this rich, living tradition in Scandinavia. Our sources will be rune stones, stories, texts, folk-magic, sagas and the Poetic Edda (the Grandmother).

We will journey through the lesser known branches of the great World Tree (Yggdrasil) where we will hear about subjects such as grief, reconciliation and climate change, which will make the workshop truly relevant to contemporary issues.

The Northern Pantheon will be introduced alongside local spirits that live in the rivers, forests, meadows and hilltops in parts of the British isles and beyond.

The day will include:

  • The Norse Creation Myth and the story that lies at the heart of Norse Mythology: the Birth of Wisdom

  • Runic Divination: Exploring the rich tradition of the runes with castings, spreads, rune-readings and bind-runes

  • Time As A Water Cycle: Orlog and Wyrd; the three Norns

  • Ritual: Exploring how rituals can heal parts of ourselves and our greater community

The symbol that will guide our day will be the dragon. In ancient Northern Europe the dragon was a symbol for merging the underworld and upper-world. As the serpent descends into dark, difficult places to look for soul, the golden eagle ascends towards illumination to reveal spirit. When the serpent and golden eagle alchemically merge, the wisdom of the dragon is born. We will work and rediscover what it means to "descend," (soul), and to "ascend", (spirit), and get clear on the difference between these polarities.

"Andreas Kornevall offers a powerful immersive experience of travelling into Norse mythology and Runic divination, food for both soul and intellect. Understanding Runic script as mythic symbols opens a door into the archetypes that inform all human existence, and Andreas' deep knowledge and love for his subject is truly inspirational."

- Professor Angela Voss, Christ Church University

All are welcome to join, regardless of experience and cultural/spiritual background: the spirit is warm and always enthusiastically inclusive.

If you have a rune set, that would be great, but it is not essential. Also, you will learn how to create your own traditional rune set.

This workshop will not be recorded. One of the unique aspects of the College's online events is that they are highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to discuss and share with the tutor and the group. These sharings can be very personal, and some may not feel comfortable with them being recorded.

Previous participants say:

"Such an enjoyable, rich, and meaningful class. I had expected to find it fascinating but I did not realise how deeply it would touch me!"

"Andreas Kornevall is very knowledgable and it comes across in his teachings. He is able to put theory to practice and make it understandable."

"Andreas is a wonderful teacher who brings groundedness together with an 'appreciation of the mystery' to this beautiful and powerful work. He held a safe and sacred space within which we could work and play."

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