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Psycho-Magical Practice: The DEMBLEM

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

On the eve of Black Friday, I am suggesting here some practices and general thinking about how we relate to logos and how they affect us on a daily basis and what can be done to counter some of their influence on our psyche necessary. By the time a child (in the Western World) is 3 years old, they recognise an average of 100 logos (according to the Wright Institute of Child Psychology) and by the time they are 10 years old - that number surges to 400 logos.

When logos become textless, they transform into a "sigilised" form and become capable of triggering deep emotional responses: Nike, McDonalds, Microsoft, Mercedes, and Shell - are all such textless sigil examples. These abstract shapes pass undetected into our unconscious world, where they reside amongst our dreams, desires, wants and wishes. When the logo pursues us to make a consumer choice, we become caught in the art of "sigil magic." In medieval centuries manipulating an innocent victim through a graphic form for monetary gain, or even worse - to try and make them adopt a specific lifestyle that you dictate symbolically, would have been regarded as black magic.

A sigil symbol used in magic is a "signature" of a deity or spirit. The modern usage relates this to a symbolic representation of a desired outcome. A logo is basically a sigil representing a "product or lifestyle" you buy into instead of a spirit, although this can also overlap where they become one and the same.

Medieval magicians understood the effectiveness of sigils and I believe in our modern times that logos bring an immense weight to our unconscious, to our souls. Especially, logos which cause large scale destruction to the life fabric of our planet as they are symbols that follow our attempt at modern world-building. These designs cause an unknown exposure and it is a mental health phenomenon not fully explored or understood: especially vis-a-vis the effect on younger people.

As we are moving into the Yule time and "Black Friday" we will be especially exposed to the logo. Through a DEMBLEM, which is a word I offer to mean a "De-Emblem" which is short for "(De)activating an emblem," we can begin to create resilient "anti-logos" to shield against a force which seeks out our addictions, bank accounts and fast emotional responses.

The DEMBLEM I have made here (see below) is a resistance shape against Tik Tok logo's destructive and addictive patterns that it can conjure. This Demblem is to be visualised as a form to break only the hypnotic, addictive and destructive part of Tik Tok and not their positive form.

If you are exposed to incessant logo manipulation, such as in airports, or in large city centres this Christmas, then I would suggest that you create DEMBLEMS for yourself - try and find shapes that can subvert the logos and choose the ones you think are appropriate for you to repel.

Naturally, the more you visualise the DEMBLEM, the stronger the reverse exposure.

When making a DEMBLEM remember that all shapes - circles, squares, triangles, lines gives rise to emotional responses, many which are cross-cultural. Circles are unifying and oath-bearing, triangles are often used within a masculine context; squares demonstrate reliability; diagonal lines are dynamic; horizontal lines tranquil and vertical more aggressive. In rune magic, especially in the Icelandic medieval art, the lines made by the magician offer up endless variations of shapes where the reader "feel" their effects.

The art of working with our deep mind through abstract symbolic forms is a practice that has been widespread since at least the Neolithic era.

This art, when used to make financial gains is low grade. But becomes a high art when used to give rise to feelings of regeneration, growth and resistance.

Furthering our knowledge about the power and influence that logos have on us can begin to dissolve their effectiveness. With the help of the imagination and old medieval practices, we can find skills to counteract, resist, defy and catch thieves that are looking to reside in our unconscious.


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Olle af Klintberg
Olle af Klintberg
Mar 02, 2023

Hi! Andreas! I really enjoyed your part in the podcast In the Borderlands! I wonder if you have done any more Demblems? I need help to counteract the power of YouTube. Both for me and my children. Thank you! /// Olle

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