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New Podcast - In the Borderlands

Had a spirited conversation with Mikael Öberg and Torgrim Mellum Stene for "In the Borderlands" Podcast. Link on above picture.

We dive into ideas that contemporary logos like TikTok (and many more) work on our subconscious in a similar vein to medieval sigil magic, narrowing our perspective and molding us into consumers and designing our society with imposed lifestyles and aesthetics. I present ideas on how we can create "Demblems", which are counter-sigils (anti-logos) to deactivate through a psycho-magical focus, the negative aspects of our logo-inundated society.

We also touch upon the value of regenerative grief and how the mythic languages of the non-human world can be found in the areas we least expect.

It's a long haul conversation! Both Mikael and Torgrim bring in their own fascinating perspectives and stories.

Pic (A Demblem to resist TikTok)

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