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The Mead of Poetry(The Viking Myths)

The Mead of Poetry

(The Viking Myths) - a full journey that takes us all the way from Creation to the World's End and its Re-Birth. Click on the above image to go straight to the event page.

This is the part 2 of the journey of telling the entire mythic cycles of the Eddas, for those who missed the Creation Myth, a recording is available (£9) if you e-mail: - but this part 2 is also a stand alone event, it's not necessary for you to have heard the Creation Myth, but it will enrich the listening if you follow the sequence of the stories.

In the creation myth we learnt how the Sky Gods (Aesir) and the Nature Spirits (Vanir) made a truce and through reconciliation, wisdom was created. In the Mead of Poetry, we follow Wisdom's fate and hear about the origins of poetic ecstacy and about an initiatory and alchemical journey made by the One-Eyed himself. The story lies at the heart of Norse Myth and will have recitals in old Norse performed and accompanied with traditional Baltic Lyres.

Polaris, the North Star, was explored in the creation myth and now other star constellations will be linked to the story to revive an older way of seeing our above cosmos.

Each session is stand alone and recorded for you to keep.

We will explore these stories together and after each storytelling (approx 1 hour) there will be open and lively conversations about the symbols and truths that we find within the stories to discover what this literary world-heritage can offer our own lives and the world today.

As a conclusion to this journey of a year, I will also tell the story of "Beren and Luthien" from Tolkien's own imagination which was deeply influenced by Northern Myth with Elvish recitals.

The stories titles will be: The Creation Myth, The Mead of Poetry, The Treasures of the Gods, The Master Builder, Loki's Children, Freya's Wedding, Thor's Journeys, The Apples of Immortality, The Sickness of the God of Love, Thor's Goes Fishing, The Mistletoe Arrow, The Last Days of Loki, the Endings of the Worlds, Rebirth and - Feet as Light as Linden Leaves - (Beren and Luthien).

Bring a candlelight and walk with me through these storied months ahead.

Hail the Day!

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