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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Inperson: 3rd of February, 2024

10am to 16:00 (Please bring light lunch, hot drinks provided)


A day workshop and ceremony with Andreas Kornevall

Join us for stories, songs, ceremonies and Northern magical practice. We will explore symbols, runes and sigils through hypnagogic explorations, Utiseta practice, meditations and inner journeying.

There will also be a basic anatomy course of lines and dots in cave art and design theory. We will ask the question of how we can find new alphabets in the forest, to free a magical language from the landscape and from within us - to retrieve new hieroglyphs. When we read the lines of the leaves, the Earth's language becomes mysterious. We are so familiar with the words on the page that we have lost the ability to look at it in its full expression.

The ceremony Disa-blot (a traditional Norse ceremony to welcome the spring) will include a contemplative practice with some alone time in the forest (weather permitting).

General Outline of the Day:

1. Singing to the ancestors (human and non-human) with an opening "Disa-Blot" ceremony. Bring your drums and voices.

2. Sigil and mark making as a new "craft of feeling" and as an intuitive artistic inspiration.

3. The anatomy of lines and dots from cave art and design theory.

4. Interpreting runes and patterns from nature through various practices, can the shape of a leaf become a chant?

5. Travelling the worlds within the Tree of life and the Well of Memory. (drum journeys)

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